Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not cool...

This is not good news but I was alerted to it via email from a loyal reader.
Kentucky: For $55,000, D1 Scheduling arranged Kentucky's Dec. 23 game with Iona, which has recruited LACC players for years. Iona wouldn't say how much of the $55,000 it received. Kentucky executive associate athletics director Rob Mullens said his school was struggling to find a game on that specific date but heard Iona was available. When he called Iona, Mullens said, he was told the Gaels would play the game -- if Kentucky would go through D1 Scheduling.

"We'd never heard of D1 Scheduling," Mullens said. "If D1 Scheduling is doing something inappropriate, we'd never knowingly enter into that kind of arrangement."
I hope that there is no NCAA violations for our beloved program.

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