Friday, March 03, 2006

Fame comes at a price...

I have said all along that this would be big...what I never told you is that I am a crappy editor. True, I should have the lyrics memorized.

Despite death threats, threats of jumping, and whatnot, I have not taken the video down. I have quite a few cites to blogroll as a matter of fact. But this is called ACTING and COMEDY! Don't take it as serious as an actual basketball game.

I like the Wildcats as much as anyone else in the state does unless they bleed red. But that fact of the matter remains: THIS IS A COMEDY VIDEO. If you think I can rap, just ask the guys at the The Sunday Mail. They opened up for Kanye West a while back and are a piano-based rock band.

I have recieved two autograph requests so far - one from a very good friend of mine who I shall not name here but has been supportive of the project. A comedian from Dallas wants to make a video with me to redeem myself.

Let's take a look at KSR to see what Matt says:
Well it has been a crazy 36 hours here for Kentucky Sports radio and specifically this blog. For those of you that may have missed it, yesterday we found and linked to this video entitled "Lazy Tuesday," a takeoff of an SNL sketch that really is beyond words. These two guys (one a noted Kentucky Democrat….my party is something else, the other a guy who has killer sunglasses) produced a video that made me perplexed, yet has an entertainment value that I truly cant deny.

So when we posted the video, we thought little of it. Within an hour, the blog was contacted by, a national blog about the video and within eight hours it was all over the internet. While the chorus has stuck in my head over the 30 times I have watched it ("we love Kentucky BAISKAYT ball..."), what has been even more amazing is to watch this video flourish. It is now linked on numerous message boards, websites and across the internet, making Daniel Solzman and his partner minor celebrities.
As to his other suggestions, I'm gonna let this die down before I make another video. Though compared to other days, traffic is low, though relatively high for this time. He is right that I have been a good sport about it.

I'll be blogging later...

Congress is expected to veto some foreign takeovers.

Bayh addresses port security.

Anthony Clark will take over for Jay Mohr as host of Last Comic Standing. I'm an improv/sketch comedian before you ask if I will audition for that.

I now know what Jerome Armstrong looks like.

The state senate blocked an amendment proposal.

A profile of Ben Karlin. He executive produces The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Second City is coming to Arkansas.

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