Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Message for Big Blue Nation


If you took my crappy video seriously, what on earth is wrong with you?!? It is pure comedy. My friend from out of state was the guy that wrote the stanza that caused us to read from the lyrics - all because he wanted some sort of reference to Lukasz Obrzut.

This past week, I have had to keep a low public profile because of the many threats I have recieved--most of those came from these very pages that I FREQUENTLY read and comment on. Kentucky fans are not the type of fans that THREATEN other people. Threatening others is an embarrassment to the fan base and is uncalled for.

People have accused me of being a Louisville Cardinal or Indiana Hoosier fan. Those are the last teams in the world along with the Chicago Cubs or New York Yankees that I would ever root for. The only Cardinals that I truly care for are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

I was on Lachlan McLean's show last night explaining myself. This is a comedy video, something that should not be taken seriously. If anything, I should not be allowed to edit another video. But I will be at Rupp Arena plenty of times in the future. If I need to hire security, then need be. But I will not tolerate death threats that I have had to deal with all week.

I live, breathe, and die Kentucky basketball. I'm just an ordinary fan who just happened to shoot a crappy music video where I rap about one of my favorite things in the earth. It's pure comedy that should not be taken seriously at all.

This video has skyrocketed me into b-list celebrity status--I did not intend to do that.

But I do ask one thing: Who the heck uploaded it on YouTube? It was not me! I uploaded it on Revver and Revver only. My friend's step-brother apparently posted it here. No, I KNOW he posted it here because I myself replied in the comments without unveiling myself.

If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive me on this matter, then I am completely speechless because UK fans care about the athletic program. I drop what I am doing during a game. I'm up in time for the pre-game show with Dave and Oscar.

Thank you and G-d bless. Let's win against Florida and clinch the E2 seed tomorrow.

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