Monday, March 27, 2006

Kentuckian headed to Women's Final Four

Jade Perry of Central City (I love Muhlenberg County) is headed to Boston for the 2006 NCAA Women's Final Four as the Maryland Terrapins won today.

LSU is also headed to the final four this year.

Jon Stewart's bookie will not let him do an office pool as he is on three year's probation.

My condolences to Senator Robert C. Byrd and his children, granchildren, and great-grandchildren on the loss of Senator Byrd's wife, Emma Ora Byrd.

I'd like to take this moment to commend Gov. Fletcher for signing into law the legislation that will keep protestors at a distance at military funerals.

Unfortunately, Fletcher is still seeking a second term.
During Fletcher's brief press conference, the Blackberry device he keeps on his waist seemed to cause interference with the Capitol audio system. He quickly removed it.

"I forgot and left my Blackberry on," Fletcher told the audience as he handed the device to an aide. "It continues to get me in trouble."
John McCain and Mitt Romney are now rivals. Apparently, I must have missed that...

Go get 'em, Beatles!

The FARCE is with us! Bob Saget, best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House, is making Farce of the Penguin. It's already looking to have an all-star cast.
Samuel L. Jackson has been signed to narrate the picture. Lewis Black, Mo'Nique, and Tracy Morgan will voice the three lead penguins along with writer/director Saget, who will play the lovelorn main character. The parody of the Academy Award-winning documentary of similar name is produced by David Permut and Saget for THINKFilm.

Saget has also gathered a number of his friends and colleagues in cameo roles, including (in alphabetical order): Jason Alexander, James Belushi, Jason Biggs, Dane Cook, Norm Crosby, Dave Coulier, Adam Duritz, Harvey Fierstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Alyson Hannigan, Penn Jillette, Jaime Kennedy, David Koechner, Lori Loughlin, Jon Lovitz, Norm Macdonald, Carlos Mencia, Jeffrey Ross, Jonathan Silverman, John Stamos, and Abe Vigoda.

According to Saget, "There are more cameos to come. I'm fortunate to know a lot of incredibly talented people and they all want to be a penguin."

Saget says, "One of the gifts is Samuel Jackson narrating our film. He's a brilliant actor who will bring so much to this film comedically. I'm truly privileged that he is the voice that tells our story and that he is such an incredibly funny and dimensioned character. Lewis Black, Mo'Nique, and Tracy Morgan brought such individually brilliant comedic voices; I thought I'd written an irreverent script until each of them had their way with it!"
Somewhere, Morgan Freeman is smiling...

Just to reiterate, I am supporting John Yarmuth for Congress and Russ Salsman for Circuit Court Clerk.

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