Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2007 Official Candidates

I've added the 2008 congressional elections to this post.

2007 Statewide
Official Tickets
Jonathan Miller (State Treasurer) and Irv Maze (Jefferson County Attorney)
Steve Beshear (Lt. Governor, 1983-87, Attorney) and Dr. Daniel Mongiardo (State Senator, 2004 US Senate candidate)
Otis Hensley, Jr. (Demolition Contractor) and Richard Robbins
Jody Richards (House Speaker) and John Y. Brown III (Former Secretary of State)
Gatewood Galbraith (Attorney) and Mark Wireman
Dr. Steve Henry (Lt. Governor, 1995-2003) and Renee True (Fayette Co. PVA)
Bruce Lunsford (Businessman) and Greg Stumbo (Attorney General)

Secretary of State
Dick Robinson (Central Kentucky businessman, creator and general manager of The Joe B. and Denny Crum radio show)
Bruce Hendrickson (former mayor of Pineville and city councilman)
MaDonna J. White (College Instructor)

Atty. General
Robert Bullock (former Assistant Attorney General)
Jack Conway (Louisville attorney, 2002 Congressional candidate)

L.J. "Todd" Hollenbach
Patrick Dunmire (Frankfort Democrat)
Mike Weaver (Former State Rep., 2006 Congressional candidate)
Jack D. Wood (former judge and Republican attorney general candidate)

Crit Luallen (incumbent)

Agricultural Commissioner
David Neville (cattleman)
David Williams (Retiree & Frequent Candidate)

2008 Congressional
KY1 - Jerry Rhoads (State Senator)
KY2 - Tommy Thompson (State Representative)
KY3 - John Yarmuth (Incumbent)
KY4 - Tanya Pullin (State Representative)
KY5 - Is Rogers beatable? If yes, Greg Stumbo (Attorney General)
KY6 - Ben Chander (Incumbent)

2008 US Senate
Ben Chandler
Jonathan Miller
Charlie Owen
Paul Patton (former Governor)
Wendell Ford (People are saying, despite his age, that he's the only one that can beat Mitch McConnell)
Dr. Daniel Mongiardo

2010 US Senate
Ben Chandler

With regards to Republicans:
Governor/Lt. Governor
Ernie Fletcher/Robbie Rudolph
Billy Harper (McCracken County Board of Education Chair & Businessman) and Dick Wilson (Paducah Businessman)
Anne Northup (ex-Congresswoman)/Jeff Hoover (State Rep.)

Secretary of State
Trey Grayson (Incumbent)

Attorney General
Timothy R. Coleman (Commonwealth Attorney from Morgantown)
Jon Larson (Lexington attorney)
Stan Lee (House Minoriy Whip)
Phillip C. Kimball (Louisville Attorney)

Brandon Smith (State Representative)
Melinda Wheeler (Director, Administrative Office of the Courts)
Ken Upchurch (State Rep. ex-Minority Whip)
Lonnie Napier (State Representative)

Linda Greenwell (2003 Candidate)

Agricultural Commissioner
Richie Farmer (Incumbent)
Don Stosberg(Former executive director of the Kentucky Recreation and Park Society, budget analyst LRC)

2010 US Senate
Jim Bunning (incumbent)

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