Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Barack Obama

10. As as child, was taunted with "Obama's so fat jokes"
9. After finishing Harvard law, served as Doug Llewelyn's understudy on "The People's Court"
8. Follows Bush's weekly radio address DJ-ing the "Barock and Roll Power Hour"
7. Real last name: Obamawitz
6. At Senate hearings, throws on his iPod whenever John Kerry has the floor
5. Played Kenickie in the Senate production of "Grease"
4. Makes immigration speeches as hilarious, uninformed foreigner "Borat Obama"
3. Even Donald Trump can't think of anthing nasty to say about him
2. Presides over Congressional Committee to lower Al Gore's body fat
1. Only running for president to piss off Hilary


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