Monday, January 22, 2007

Whole lotta bloggin' goin' on

Catching up with news over the weekend, other than the fact that my beloved Indianapolis Colts are playing in the SUPER BOWL, it looks as if Massachusetts Senator John Kerry will be making his decision soon regarding another run in 2008.

Chris Dodd is running for president and as such, he will not run for the Senate again. Dodd has ties to Kentucky as he earned his law degree from the University of Louisville.

John Edwards is running on his beliefs and I believe that, in the end, he will be elected the next president. The fact that he is running a populist-based campaign certainly helps within the blogosphere but he will need to outreach to more than just bloggers.

Alabama has moved up their presidential primary to February, right behind South Carolina with regards to the states southern portion of the country due east of the Mississippi River.

An admirable trait by Montana Senator Max Baucus to help out his fellow colleague.

State Rep. Rick Nelson wants to repeal the runoff law with regards to the gubernatorial race, given how crowded the primary will likely be.

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