Friday, January 19, 2007

He's ready!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is ready to run for political office. However, there is a catch. He will only run for Senate if and only if HRC wins the presidency.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. is ready to run.

The Riverkeeper champion tells Oprah Winfrey in the February issue of her mag, O, that if Hillary Clinton runs for President, he’d be up for entering the race for her New York Senate seat.

Kennedy was 14 in 1968 when his father, Bobby Sr. (himself a senator from New York), was assassinated after winning California’s Democratic presidential primary. The younger Kennedy, one of 10 kids, overcame personal difficulty to become one of America’s great environmentalists.

The 52-year-old father of six tells Winfrey that he won’t run for the Senate or for governor now because “my friends are in those offices, and I’m not going to run against them.”

Kennedy, who worked during his 20s as an assistant district attorney, last year mulled a run for state attorney general, a race won by his former brother-in-law Andrew Cuomo.
While I cannot support HRC, I would most certainly support Bobby Kennedy, Jr.!

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