Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Political news here in the states

Given the entrance of more candidates into the 2007 governor's race here in the commonwealth, I fully expect that we will have a run-off election in the Democratic primary given that there are several candidates so far--including those that have yet to file with the the Secretary of State's office. Those candidates have exactly one week to file with that office!

Presidential candidates are just now starting to organize in Florida, at least of the Republican candidates. Democratic candidates have been a bit on the silent side.
Floridians are hearing less from and about the Democratic candidates, and some Democratic donors and dedicated campaign volunteers are starting to wonder why.

"I've had no contacts, and I'm pretty surprised," said Tampa lawyer Chris Griffin, a veteran of Democratic campaigns including those of former U.S. Rep. Jim Davis. "I would think there would be some more visible activity in this area by now."

The reason may be because the Democratic field has been so unsettled, with two major candidates dropping out, Barack Obama dropping in, and the front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, preoccupied until November with her U.S. Senate re-election.[...]

The leading Democratic candidates - Clinton, John Edwards, Obama and Bill Richardson - are working on the beginnings of Florida organizations.

Their Florida backers say they've been in Florida, and they're working hard: Clinton, Edwards and Obama campaigned for Florida candidates during the 2006 election or came here to raise money for the party.

Since then, they've been making some further efforts:

•Edwards, the former North Carolina senator who was John Kerry's running mate in 2004, held fundraisers in South Florida and Orlando last week and will return in the coming week, said Mitchell Berger, a prominent Democratic lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who's backing Edwards.

•The Democratic candidates are starting to snap up experienced Florida operatives. Clinton and Obama are hiring or recruiting former members of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson's phenomenally successful 2006 campaign fundraising staff, and U.S. Sen. Joe Biden has hired former Democratic Party Executive Director Luis Navarro.

•Richardson, New Mexico's governor, who could be the nation's first Hispanic president, has held meetings, including one in Tampa, with small groups of potential backers.
Interesting. Is John Edwards going to be the e-candidate? It certainly looks like he will be.

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