Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Could Lake Cumberland cause a massive flood?

Seems like they need to upgrade the dam at Lake Cumberland here in Kentucky according to this report that the dam could break.
Officials have begun lowering the water level on Kentucky's Lake Cumberland. They're hoping to reduce pressure on the weakened 240-foot-high dam. A break would flood communities downstream, possibly killing people and causing (b) billions in damage.

The dam, which has a concrete core surrounded by earth, was built in the early 1950s. A Corps commander says water has been seeping under the dam and eroding the limestone on which the concrete rests. He says crews are pumping grout into the ground to counter the erosion.

But, the preventive measure could have a major ecological and economic effect as well. The Corps says people can expect fish kills, and boats could be left high and dry at marinas.
While it may not exactly be a hurricane, it sure does not sound like good news at all.

Here is the take from Tom Loftus at the C-J.

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