Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bruce Lunsford-Greg Stumbo?!?

Please tell me that I am reading the following headline, Lunsford, Stumbo may form ticket, wrong! To contradict what Danny Briscoe said, money doesn't buy a political election as you saw what happened with that of Ned Lamont in Connecticutt. While I certainly like Charlie Owen and think he is a great guy, I just do not see him as a viable candidate after losing three elections in a row.
Louisville businessman Bruce Lunsford will run for governor with Attorney General Greg Stumbo as his running mate, a former law partner and close friend of Stumbo's said yesterday.

"He called me and told me I could tell my people that he's running for lieutenant governor" with Lunsford at the top of the ticket, said Mike Bowling, a former state representative from Bell County.
In some other news, this does pave the way for Jack Conway to run for Attorney General.
Among other things, Stumbo's decision clears the way for Louisville lawyer Jack Conway to run for attorney general. After learning last night of Stumbo's decision, Conway said he would talk with his wife and consider making a race.

Mark Riddle, Conway's longtime political consultant, said he believes Conway will run.

"In my opinion, Jack will be the Democratic party's consensus candidate for attorney general, and I fully expect Jack will be filing his papers to run next week," he said.
Here's more on an update with a rumored Charlie Owen-Ed Hatchett ticket.
Former state Auditor Ed Hatchett said last night that he has been talking with Louisville businessman Charlie Owen about possibly being his running mate in the governor's race.

"No decisions have been made," Hatchett said. "Charlie is doing his homework very methodically."

Owen ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in 1998 and was Chandler's running mate in 2003. Hatchett said he's not sure how Lunsford and Stumbo's entrance would affect Owen's decision.
I won't lie that I voted for Ed Hatchett in the 2003 primary for the Attorney General's race. I'd rather see Hatchett run for Treasurer than Lt. Governor given the large Democratic field which may end up being larger than that of the 2004 presidential primary at this pace.

My condolences to the family of Sen. George McGovern on his wife's passing at the age of 85.

Presidential candidate John Edwards has hired James Katz to serve as his New Hampshire Political Director.

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