Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mellencamp favors Colts

John Mellencamp believes that the Indianapolis Colts will go all the way.
John Mellencamp's football loyalties are hometown all the way. The Indiana native is backing the Indianapolis Colts, who will host the New England Patriots on Sunday (January 21st) in the AFC Championship Game. Mellencamp told us he's sure the Colts are Super Bowl-bound, for two reasons: "Oh, I think they're gonna go. They've already beat New England at home, and you don't beat (quarterback) Peyton Manning at the Hoosier Dome."

Mellencamp also told us that he's planning to go to the Super Bowl to support the Colts in person, though he didn't say whether that might include a performance of some sort.
Pardon me for asking, but isn't it the RCA Dome? Have they renamed it?

ETA: The Hoosier Dome was the name until 1994 when RCA purchased the naming rights.

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