Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush speech to delay UK game on tube?

Here's an article from today's Courier-Journal detailing what could happen with the President's speech and it's impact on the television coverage of the Kentucky-Auburn game, which will be televised on the Lincoln Financial Sports Network.
University of Kentucky fans in Louisville tuning in for Wednesday night’s basketball game against Auburn should be aware that President Bush's speech could impact the broadcast.

The Wildcats' game will air on WAVE-3 in Louisville beginning at 8 p.m. President Bush will address the nation at 9 p.m., and WAVE will cut into the UK game to air NBC coverage of the speech.

If the president's speech ends early in the second half of the game, WAVE likely will return straight to live action, Dan Foos, the station's operations manager, said Tuesday.
The station could show tape-delayed footage if it goes longer but by that point, the game would be over. I would imagine most fans will turn on the radio broadcast of Tom Leach and Mike Pratt.

Consult your local listings. In Northern Kentucky, the affiliate is the CW on channel 25 WSTR on Channel 11.

Here is what will happen in the Lexington viewing area.
During the presidential address, Lexingon viewers can continue watching the Kentucky game on the CW channel (Insight-5).

The game begins at 8 p.m. The presidential address starts at 9 and is expected to last 30 minutes.

Coverage of the game on WKYT-27 will resume after the president's speech.
Here is an online alternative although it is delayed by five seconds to a minute at most.

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