Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm sorry, Mr. Lunsford, but there are very rare cases in which I'm not forgiving as I usually am. This is one of those times. I CANNOT find it in my heart to forgive your decision to endorse Ernie Fletcher over the Democratic nominee, Ben Chandler, in the 2003 governor's race. You can try whatever you want but you will not forgiveness within me.

What Lunsford did in 2003 was wrong and he knows it. By running again in 2007, his campaign is already dead on arrival--as is that of Steve Henry. With an already crowded field, their campaigns will hardly gain any traction amongst the others. Lunsford can write a huge check as he pleases, but he will not be buying my votes.

This campaign is about change for Kentucky and to move the state forward, not backwards as the current governor has done.

As for Attorney General Greg Stumbo, I've lost what little respect I had for him after Fletcher was let off the hook.

I love Kentucky as much as the next person does but Bruce Lunsford is not the person to lead the state forward into the 21st Century.

My support will go to one slate and one slate only: Jonathan Miller and Irv Maze.

ETA: There's a new site devoted to Bruce Lunsford

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