Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tuesday's Deadline

With the exception of the Governor's race, I've steered clear of endorsements in the downticket races. Rest assured that after the deadline, I will start to make endorsements in those races.

Should Ed Hatchett decide against running for Lt. Governor on a slate with Charlie Owen, my best guess is that he would most likely run for Attorney General as he did in 2003. In that event, we might have yet another three-way primary but who knows. He could decide to run for State Treasurer instead. I haven't heard anything as of late but we have just over 49 hours remaining til the deadline on Tuesday at 4 PM.

Stumbo's decision to run with Lunsford certainly through everyone a curveball as it clears up the AG office. Louisville attorney Jack Conway will run. Former Deputy AG Bob Bullock is already in the race. It's still up in the air as to what former State Auditor Ed Hatchett decides to do.

I doubt anyone else will run for Secretary of State or Agricultural Commissioner. There could be some folks making a last minute decision on Tuesday.

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