Friday, January 19, 2007

Dick Robinson announces for Secretary of State

Dr. Dick Robinson announced today that he would run for Secretary of State in the Democratic primary. Here are some excerpts of an email that he sent out.
In the past our state has been among the leaders in the nation in our election process. It is important that we build upon those strengths while examining additional ways to improve that process.

As Kentucky’s chief elections officer, I will aggressively seek expanded voter participation. We can begin with voter education through civic outreach programs in our schools.

As the chief elections officer of the state, I would favor continually seeking expanded voter participation programs through increased voter education, especially civic education programs in out schools.

Other states have recently implemented 1) programs for early voting, 2) providing a paper trail to validate voter accuracy and confidence, and 3) expanded voting hours. There are benefits and there are drawbacks to each of the potential changes. I will strive to examine both benefits and drawbacks to see if any such changes can be made to improve our voting system. Two significant events have improved the Kentucky system. The Elections Reform Task Force headed by former Attorney General Fred Cowan resulted in significant advances that were adopted by the General Assembly. That, and the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002, have well-positioned Kentucky’s election process.[...]

I am running as the Democratic Party candidate for Secretary of State because I believe our Party offers citizens a change for the better. I believe that a majority of Kentuckians do not agree with the direction that has been taken by the executive branches of our state and federal governments. I believe that a majority of Kentuckians want a change. I am glad to be part of this opportunity for change.
Managing his campaign will be Bill Bishop. His honorary co-chairmen will be former Joe B. Hall and Denny Crum.

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