Thursday, January 18, 2007

All the blog fit to print

I probably shouldn't be blogging right now due to the mood I am in, but I am nonetheless so my apologies in advance if I take my anger out on you.

Newly elected Virginia Senator Jim Webb will be delivering the Democratic response to the president's annual address.

It appears that many young Americans are looking to Senator John Edwards as a candidate that they can believe in.

One year out from the Iowa caucuses and the campaign is already under way. I am optimistic that Sen. Edwards will win Iowa. For our country's sake, he must win Iowa.

The following press release on yesterday's vote on House Resolution 5 in Congress was sent to my inbox. As a college student, I was pleased to see that it passed.
“Today’s bipartisan vote to cut the interest rate in half on federally subsidized student loans over the next five years will help make a college education more affordable and more accessible for our next generation of leaders and innovators. At a time when college tuition continues to skyrocket, this crucial legislation will help remove some of the barriers to a higher education.

“A college education is the best investment our nation’s young people can make in themselves, and the best investment our nation can make in its future. Democrats will continue to work to ensure that every young person that is determined to earn a higher education is able to do so. Our young people should be driven by their dreams, not weighed down by debt.”
I am very please that ALL of KENTUCKY's Congressman voted in favor of the act.

Senator Bayh recently talked about his trip to Iraq.
“What I'm concerned about is that the Iraqi's don't have their own act together. And until they get it together and do the hard things that only they can do, to decide to live in one country together as a single people- this is not going to go well. We need to put and keep the pressure on them, otherwise, all of our sacrifice will not be successful and that would be tragic,” says Senator Evan Bayh.

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