Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yarmuth to make first floor speech

I don't know the exact time but this was emailed to me earlier today:
Still in his first seven days in the House of Representatives, Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-3) isn't wasting any time. Seizing his new position on the Education & Labor Committee, Rep. Yarmuth has thrust himself into the center of the new Congressional leadership's ambitious agenda. When the House votes Wednesday on whether or not to raise the minimum wage for the first time in nearly a decade, Yarmuth will be among the handful of members urging Congress to pass the bill.

Throughout his campaign, Yarmuth stressed the need to raise the minimum wage from $5.15/hr to $7.25/hr over a two year period. Legislation, which is nearly identical to Yarmuth's plan, will be put to a vote shortly after his speech and is expected to pass the House quickly. The Senate and President Bush have also indicated they will approve the measure.

"We have a unique opportunity and a moral obligation to dramatically increase the well-being of 13 million low wage workers and jump-start the economy in one stroke. I am proud to play a part in advancing this long overdue measure," Yarmuth said of the bill.

Due to receiving his committee preference as a member of the Education and Labor Committee, the Congressman will continue to play a prominent role in the 110th Congress. He will personally work on all workforce and education issues, allowing him to be a influential player on many of his top priorities from the 2006 campaign.

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