Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Almost break time...

I am pleased to announce that I was safely elected to serve a full term in the Student Senate.

It appears that Jean Schmidt's people must read blogs because the addresses are no longer up there.

Yesterday, the party sent out an email with the facts on Vice President Dick Cheney.

Hank Blalock is not leaving the Texas Rangers any time soon.

Yours, Mine, and Ours opens up this week. It should be a great film. I plan to see it this weekend!

Happy belated birthday to former St. Louis Cardinal Stan Musial. The Hall of Fame member turned 85 years old yesterday.

I reported about Emory University declaring war on Washington University in St. Louis a while back. Well, it looks like The Daily Show will not be doing a piece on it after all.

No, Mr. Vice President. You need to tone it down. Bush has but I still disagree. I thank the troops for serving irregardless of this war.

Update on former Senator Tom Daschle. His papers are headed to his alma mater, South Dakota State University.
South Dakota State University will be the home for former Sen. Tom Daschle's official papers.

The more than 1,500 boxes will become part of the university's Archives and Special Collections. Daschle is a 1969 graduate of SDSU.

The collection will include letters, photographs, official papers and campaign memorabilia. The heralded scrapbooks compiled through the years by his mother, Betty Daschle of Aberdeen, also will be part of the collection.
Rumor has it that he may be getting an Emmy nomination...

Congressman Geoff Davis is in a bad spot. Murtha did not call for an immediate withdrawal, just strategic redeployment. It was framed as a withdrawal by the media but it was Duncan Hunter who called for an immediate withdrawal. By the way, there must be some civility in Congress remaining somewhere.

Senator Lieberman will be observing Thanksgiving with our troops.

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