Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reprinting by request

While I will not be at this event, I have been asked to pass the message along. I must say that the party did a good job with the press release.
Fellow Democrats,
In just 17 days Democrats from across the Commonwealth will come together to begin to rally for the effort to elect competent, respectable and honest leadership to our government at every level. We are honored to have as our special guest United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Judging from the out cry from the Republicans, we know we have found the correct key by securing Senator Clinton’s appearance.

We need and invite your support.

As an example, we Democrats are anxious to correct the mistake of an opportunist State Representative from Christian County, who after accepting substancial direct financial assistance from our Party to win an election, switched his party registration. Now a Republican, you can play a role in holding him accountable and help run Rep. Carr in the ditch. Furthermore, Kentucky Democrats will not allow this arrogant State Senate President to leave the good people in their Louisville senate district unrepresented for more than a year without a final remedy. Kentucky Democrats will not allow the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse brought by Ernie Fletcher and Steve Pence to go unchecked. We fully support State Auditor Crit Luallen and Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s efforts to up hold their constitutional responsibilities to uncover the Fletcher Pence wrong doings. We will not allow them to hide behind the smoke screens of pardons and finger pointing spin.

President Bush and his radical allies in Washington have squandered opportunity and disgraced the United States. Kentucky Democrats will not allow Republicans to misrepresent Kentucky Families anymore by under funding post-secondary education, cutting health care benefits for state employees and our children’s teachers, and continuing their corruption within the Governor’s office without repercussion. Democrats are preparing to put an end these untruthful, cowardly and disrespectable acts.

Help us defeat the corrupt Republicans who misrepresent you.

As an organization, the Kentucky Democratic Party is committed to finding a way to return Kentucky to the sensible and responsible leadership that focuses on the core values that made the Commonwealth what it is today. It is time for Kentucky’s elected officials to focus on the issues that matter most to Kentuckians and affect their everyday lives. We are committed to finding and supporting Democratic candidates in Kentucky who will put Kentucky’s future ahead of partisan politics. It is our obligation and pledge to Kentucky citizens to find leaders who will work for them!

We cannot succeed without your help.

Don’t miss your opportunity to meet the Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton! Seating is very limited and seating will be sold on a first come first serve basis. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 502-695-4828 and ask for Jamie Emmons, Kate Wood or the staff at our KDP offices.

Thank you for your support,
Jerry Lundergan, State Chairman
The Kentucky Democratic Party
Can we get Evan Bayh, Mark Warner or others?

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