Sunday, November 20, 2005

C-J Editorials

Some of these appeared in the Courier-Journal on Saturday.

I believe I said so the other day but David Hawpe's column was uncalled for in his bashing of Jack Conway.
Avoid 'media assaults'
So David Hawpe is upset that Jack Conway wants to pursue his personal and professional life in private. Is it no wonder that a person might want to avoid the daily media assaults and privacy invasions that all our elected officials are subjected to?

If Hawpe feels so strongly about the congressional race, why doesn't for office himself?


'Conway deserves respect'
I found it very interesting how David Hawpe's Nov. 16 attack on Jack Conway's choice not to run against U.S. Rep. Anne Northup was filled with irony. Hawpe accused Conway of making this decision based on his own personal reasons, "big-payoff legal cases" being one of them, and he spiced up the accusation by implying that Conway is gutless and self-serving.

It is Hawpe who is self-serving. Having a Democrat in that office would afford Hawpe greater access to being "in the know," and the possibility of his being in a more influential position to carry out his own personal agenda, i.e., his vendetta to rid our country of the "craven fealty" of the Republicans.

Conway is a very bright and focused individual who is dedicated to the Democratic Party. My judgment is that his decision not to run is based on the possibility of success and not because he is a "coy princess" who has opted to abandon his party for his own personal gains.

What is clear, though, is Hawpe's continued display of...mean-spirited attacks on people who do not serve his cause. His negativity is disenfranchising your readers and is insulting. Conway deserves respect for his decision and better regard for the energy he has brought to the Democratic Party...


'Bush/Cheney cheerleader'
I love the pictures used with David Hawpe's Nov. 16 column. The one with U.S. Rep. Anne Northup covering her ears with her hands is how she reacts to her constituents' requests and concerns, especially from those who represent working families.

The other pictures clearly show that she is a Bush/Cheney cheerleader. It will be amusing to watch her try to shed that image over the next year. I hope the voters will cut and save Hawpe's column for future reference about Northup's position on the issues that really count in our daily struggles to survive this administration.


Scared off challengers
I noted with interest David Hawpe's column concerning the likelihood that U.S. Rep. Anne Northup will "get a pass this next election." Hawpe cites several of Northup's less popular positions -- such as support for the ill-advised war in Iraq, tax cuts for the rich, and privatizing Social Security -- suggesting that these stands could become a campaign liability.

But Northup held all of those positions during the last campaign, too, with not a peep from Hawpe during the 2004 campaign season. Hawpe casually dismisses Tony Miller, Northup's 2004 opponent, implying without backup that Miller failed to demonstrate the "courage, conviction and commitment" that Hawpe longs for in a Democratic candidate.

Perhaps if certain prominent progressive Louisvillians had better promoted the Democratic cause in 2004, Northup's margin would not have sufficed to scare off potential challengers for 2006. Northup owes Hawpe a debt of gratitude.

2004 Press Secretary
Tony Miller for Congress

'Dripping with hypocrisy?'
Interesting that David Hawpe expresses his displeasure with the fact that "incumbents have enormous advantages" when it comes to getting re-elected. When it comes to Rep. Anne Northup, you can feel his pain as he searches for some way to overcome the unfair advantage she has in retaining her seat in Congress.

I wonder how many similar columns Hawpe wrote when an individual from his party held this same congressional seat for 12 terms in a row; that's 24 consecutive years. Did Hawpe express similar disgust with a system that gave him the advantages of incumbency as he was re-elected over and over? Or is his latest hit piece against Northup dripping with hypocrisy?

I only hope that one day Hawpe will break the chains of his blatant partisanship and come to the realization that the people of the 3rd District overwhelmingly think that Northup represents this community well; that she has a firm grasp of the issues at hand...and she offers solutions that are representative of the values of this community.


Hawpe should run
David Hawpe's attack on Jack Conway is not surprising. His all-talk-and-no-action politics is what is wrong with the Democratic Party in Louisville. He fuels the "I am so angry but someone else should fix it" syndrome.

Hawpe obviously knows all the issues. He should show his "courage, conviction and commitment" and run against Rep. Anne Northup instead of pointing his divisive ballpoint finger.

I applaud all these writers.

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