Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bring Back Ken Lucas!

Ken Lucas may have to be drafted but we do our best to have a candidate facing Geoff Davis no matter how hard we try. While I don't know if Rep. Lucas is up to it, we cannot afford to let this race go unopposed.
I just got off the phone with a prominent Northern Kentucky Democrat who tells me that a very aggressive effort is currently underway urging retired former Rep. Ken Lucas (D) to consider another run for his old congressional seat which is presently held by wing-nut Geoff Davis (R). Apparently, Lucas has been approached about the idea and has not closed the door to the possibility.

Local democrats are hoping that Rep. Ben Chandler (D), who grew very close to Lucas' during their year together in Congress (before Lucas retired), can help to convince Lucas to challenge Davis. In 2002, Lucas defeated Davis by nearly four points.
We shall see what happens with this development.

On another note, I am bringing on some more bloggers to the Kentucky Democrat.

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