Monday, November 21, 2005

It's afternoon, quick update

I have recieved word that the Lexington Herald Leader is looking for a community columnist. Let's get a Democrat in that position. Contact Dale Emmons if you're interested.

In the latest edition of the Bridge, albeit a special edition, Dr. Ted notes that Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Longmeyer should get a retired military officer to run if no one else comes forward.
I believe that it's time for a new (maybe unknown) Democrat to come forth to challenge Ms. Northup. Tim Longmeyer, the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Chair, has suggested that the Party recruit a retired military officer to challenge Ms. Northup. Look how well Col Paul Hackett did in a conservative Ohio District. Such a person would put Anne Northup and her attack team at a strategic disadvantage. They would have a hard time challenging this person's credentials and record? And the Republicans have longed argued for a new class of public servants called--politician-citizens, such as Colonel Mike Weaver of Hardin County. (I had rather not mention the name of any potential politician-citizen in case that he/she does not want to run.)

Or perhaps one of the Democrats' new lions can run against Ms. Northup. This area has several young Democrats who are political comers. If not now, then when should they run? Look how well young Jack Conway did against Anne Northup in 02.

If not a Colonel or a young Democratic lion or lioness, then how about a tough, smart, and politically experienced female to run against Anne. Ever since Ms. Northup has been the area's Congressperson, I have heard the argument that only a woman could beat her because the 3rd District has more female than male voters. Without mentioning any names, there are more than one or two woman who have such grit who have such experience who are good speakers and would give Anne the battle of her life. Are you listening Joni, Denise, Cheri, Virginia and Audrey?
I know from what I have heard that Joni is not running. Tom Owen is not running. We know Jerry won't run.

Mark D. Birdwhistell has been named the new secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

I plan to announce a winner for the caption contest this evening after I get back from the Klembara announcement.

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