Saturday, November 19, 2005

Danny Bubp

For those of you who followed the debate yesterday on the House floor, here is some extra information on the guy that was mentioned during the debate.

Col. Danny Bubp is a state representative from Ohio's 88th district and from what I read about him, he is a neo-conservative having been elected just last year on the GOP talking points.

Look at an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer article, for example:
Danny Bubp, a West Union attorney facing retired educator Cy Richardson for the Ohio House of Representatives seat here, believes that's why he'll win.

Bubp, who grew up in Sardinia, calls the 88th district a "good Christian community" that's against abortion and same-sex marriage and protective of its right to bear arms.

"That's the kind of district I want to serve in," said Bubp, 50.
From his campaign site's biography:
Military Service :
1978 - Commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps

1978-Present - Continues to serve in United States Marine Corps Reserve as a Colonel of Marines

1997-Present - Serves on the staff at the National Defense University, Washington, D.C. as Team Leader for the Reserve Component National Security Course

2003 - Graduate of Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

2003 - Served on the J-3 Staff at United States Central Command, Tampa, Florida for General Tommy Franks in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
There is a difference between Danny Bubp and Senator Max Cleland. That's why we have people to vote for in Kentucky like Colonel Mike Weaver!

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