Monday, November 21, 2005

Linda Klembara announces

I just got back from Linda Klembara's candidacy announcement. I can say that a fun time was had by all and that there is a momentum of energy in the Democratic party. It was nice meeting new faces and meeting old friends.

Linda Klembara delivered a moving speech as she announced her candidacy for the Kentucky House of Representatives. I am confident that she will join Randy Blankenship and Rep. Dennis Keene come January 2007!

Campbell County Chairman Ken Mullikin introduced Linda. Before introducing her, he introduced the elected officials in attendence: Kenton Co. PVA Merrick Krey, Campbell Co. Commissioner Ken Rechtin, Campbell Co. Clerk Jack Snodgrass, Campbell County Attorney Justin Verst, Campbell Co. Circuit Clerk Thomas Calme, Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney Jack Porter, State Rep. Dennis Keene and former State Rep. Jim Callahan. Kenton Co. Chairwoman Kathy Groob was in attendence.

Joining her family in attendence were Kenton and Campbell County Democrats. Change for Kentucky was represented. The Woman's Network was represented. Both College and Young Democrats were in attendence. Labor members were there as well.

In her speech, she talked about her middle class values. She is pro-life and supports the 2nd amendment. I have no problem with that at all.

Other than her announcement, the big news of the night was Mean Jean Schmidt and her remarks from Friday night which recieved national attention and was spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

I had a great time tonight and even had my workout walking the half a mile or so to get to the Highland Heights Civic Center.

Here is the press release issued afterwards:
Linda Klembara officially announced her candidacy today for the 68th District House of Representatives seat at the City Building in Highland Heights.

Klembara, a 52-year old former educator, enters the House of Representatives race with a background as a high school math teacher and an elementary school principal. The crowd of 175 attending the event enthusiastically welcomed her candidacy.

Teachers who served under Klembara’s leadership as school principal see her as a dedicated, committed leader – one who rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done.

Erika Bowles, a former teacher under Klembara’s leadership, said "Linda Klembara will be a phenomenal State Representative." Another former teacher, T. W. Loring, said, "I have seen, first-hand, her ability to lead and her ability to unite a school and a community for the common good of families."

Klembara said her campaign will be focused on issues such as a providing adequate funding to ensure a quality education for every child, creating measures to strengthen the structures that make families strong, such as secure retirement plans and affordable health care, and working to bring more business and industry to Northern Kentucky.

"I will reach across the aisle to work for win-win solutions," said Klembara. "My issues are issues that cross the partisan divide. As a school principal, my job was to bring multiple opinions to the table and to work collaboratively to find solutions
through consensus."

Klembara stressed that we need to move beyond politics and work together for the greater good of Northern Kentucky. "I am not a politician," she said, "but I am a leader. We don’t need a politician who can talk the talk; we need a leader who will walk the walk."

Anne Wilhoite, a former student of Klembara’s, praised her saying, "she is a true leader who has the courage to think creatively to solve problems. She can make things happen. She has a passion for her community that is contagious."

Parents whose children Klembara taught see her as a highly qualified, dedicated public servant. Joan Gregory, parent of two of Klembara’s former students, said, "I am thrilled that we have someone willing to represent us in Frankfort who is as knowledgeable and committed to education as Linda is. She understands what families need and based on her dedication to my children, I know she will make a real difference for all of us in the district."

Klembara promised a grassroots campaign that will reach out to all the people of the 68th district.

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