Monday, November 21, 2005

NKY Veterans on Geoff Davis

In the press release today, the Democratic Veterans of Northern Kentucky asked for an apology from Congressman Geoff Davis (R-KY).
The Northern Kentucky Democratic Veterans organization has called for an apology from 4th District Congressman Geoff Davis for the remarks he made about Democrats and specifically Congressman John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania). "Even President Bush on Sunday toned down the attacks by GOP members on the Iraq war critics," said NKY Veteran steering committee member, Roger Braden. "He has dishonored himself and offended our veterans by attacking Congressman Murtha and all veterans who wish to have a dialogue about the war in Iraq," added Braden.[...]

Additionally, on Friday evening, Davis continued his assault on Murtha when he spoke on the house floor during a heated session regarding a resolution to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq. "Davis doesn’t want to allow any dialogue about Iraq, even from an honored war veteran and retired Marine Corps colonel like John Murtha. Davis doesn’t have a fraction of the war knowledge or leadership skills of Congressman Murtha, and he has disrespected him," said Braden. "This conduct is unbecoming of a congressman and especially of a military veteran," continued Braden.[...]

Northern Kentucky Democratic Veterans do not believe it is unpatriotic to have a dialogue and to listen to members of congress discuss a plan for exiting Iraq. "The goals for this mission have changed and our troops have fulfilled the mission they believed they were to accomplish—to remove Sadaam Hussein and liberate the Iraqi people. With the increasing insurgent attacks and un-secure borders, it is evident this conflict has escalated into something our present day military cannot sustain," said NKY Democratic Veteran, John Eidemiller. "Our troops have now become the target of the insurgency, and are the common enemy of the terrorists, and it is time to incentivize the Iraqis to take control of their own protection," he added.

Another active member of the Veteran’s organization, Ron Cropper, remarked "The recent statements of both Geoff Davis and Jean Schmidt regarding Congressman Murtha are utterly reprehensible and clearly show they are nothing more than shills for the GOP. Their partisan, personal attacks on a man who has honorably served his country his entire life simply because he offered an opinion that they don’t agree with is evidence of their 'lockstep' mentality and vacuous leadership."
I thank all them for serving and call on Geoff Davis to apologize.

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