Monday, November 28, 2005

Ramsey Clark

Jonah Goldberg writes his thoughts on Ramsey Clark. I admit I don't know a whole lot about Jonah Goldberg's political leanings but I can say that I am pissed off about former Attorney General Ramsey Clark agreeing to defend Saddam Hussein.
CNN is giving Ramsey Clark a lot of play from Baghdad. It annoys me.
How does Drum reply? He's annoyed moreso than Goldberg is. I'm annoyed at the fact that Clark has even agreed to this nonsense. He should not be allowed to defend Hussein at all. It's not right and inappropriate. Heck, even Armando is annoyed and he is usually the one that picks fights.

Clark was the Attorney General for President Ronald Reagan. Ronald Wilson Reagan. This is absurd. Shame on Ramsey Clark.

Oops. Turns out I was wrong, as Native Atlantan points out in the comments, Clark was the AG for President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Now I feel so guilty...irregardless, this move to defend him is wrong.

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