Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good morning

St. Louis Cardinal infielder Abraham Nunez has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Deadspin reports some interesting news coming out of St. Louis. One thing for sure is that they SHOULD NOT trade Jim Edmonds, especially to the Yankees.
According to MLB Trade Rumors, the St. Louis Cardinals are "close" to a "major" move, with sources saying that "something big is happening" and that Cardinals general manager Walt Jocketty has threatened employees with "termination" if any information comes out. Too late!

With the help of Viva El Birdos, MLB Trade Rumors has narrowed the likely news candidates to four possibilities: A trade of Jim Edmonds for Robinson Cano and Chien Ming-Wang; the signing of A.J. Burnett; a trade for Ken Griffey Jr.; and a trade for Bobby Abreu.
John Mabry has joined the cubs. Insert expletive here.

To Walt Jocketty, please sign Matt Morris for another few years!

Apparently, driving Mitch McConnell takes you far in Republican politics. Jon Deuser (Former Bunning chief of staff), Terry Carmack (Northup CoS), Will Smith (Rogers CoS), Billy Piper (McConnell CoS), Mark Reineke (commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development), Hunter Bates (former Lt. Gov candidate), and Scott Douglas (former exec. director of the RPK) all drove for Mitch McConnell. How interesting.

Next Thursday, I will be writing my own tribute to the legendary Beatle John Lennon.

I hear that someone is having their 50th birthday party this Friday even if the actual date of their 50th is the day after Chanukah begins.

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