Thursday, November 17, 2005

KY-3 Update

I've been updating "the rumor mill" all day, it seems. One of the names recently mentioned the other day, Louisville attorney David Kaplan, is not interested in running against Northup. At least from the impression that I am getting.

Here is the updated list, in no particular order, of potential candidates at about 5:00 PM on January 11th:
Col. Andrew Horne (Attorney, Retired Lt. Colonel) IN!
Dan Borsch (Attorney and Louisville-Jefferson County YD President)
John Yarmuth (former LEO publisher) IN!

If you are on this list and are not interested in running for Congress in 2006, PLEASE get in touch with me so I can remove your name.

People not running for Congress in 2006:
Jack Conway (Attorney and 2002 candidate)
Jerry Abramson (Mayor)
John Y. Brown, III (Former Secretary of State)
Gerald Neal (State Senator)
David Kaplan (Attorney)
Joni Jenkins (State Representative)
Ron Weston (Councilman)
Tom Owen (Councilman)
Charlie Owen (Businessman)
Steve Reed (UK Regent and former U.S. Attorney)
J. Bruce Miller (Former Jeff. Co. Attorney)
Creighton Mershon (former Alderman and Mayoral candidate)
Susan Stokes (Former State Representative)
David Karem (Former State Senator)
Jim King (Councilman)
Chris Brady (Former Council candidate)
Pat Mulloy (Former Finance Secretary)
Jennifer Moore (Attorney)
Craig Greenberg (Attorney and Developer)
William Summers V
Irv Maze (County Attorney)
Denise Harper Angel (State Senator and former PVA)
Lt. Ronald Leach
David Hale (Attorney)
Marc Murphy (Former Commonwealth Attorney)

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