Monday, November 21, 2005

Breaking: Mean Jean Schmidt violates rules

A quick visit to her campaign site will show that Jean Schmidt has violated House ethics rules on campaigning and House logos. Don't credit me for this one. Credit the Bluegrass Report.
Unfortunately, the home page of Rep. Schmidt's campaign website contains not only the address and telephone numbers of all four of her official congressional offices, but also contains a banner photo of her standing in front of the United States Capitol, as well as the official seal of the House of Representatives which hyper-links to the House website.
The House Ethics Committee publishes the Campaign Activity manual. The manual, as Mark points out, clearly states:
In reproducing such materials, the campaign must remove all official indicia, such as the official letterhead from a press release that the congressional office had issued, and any references to the address or telephone number of the congressional office. The name of any congressional staff contact that appeared in the material as issued originally must also be deleted. Subject to the same requirements, such materials may also be posted on the Member’s campaign Web site.
Add Jean Schmidt to the list of people that need to be investigated. This is a major story that needs to get out in the mainstream.

Capture of website:

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