Monday, November 14, 2005

Digesting the news...

I'm waiting until I see who announces before making an endorsement but I am a supporter of former Secretary of State John Y. Brown, III. I hear it through that grapevine that the DCCC does want to talk with him and find stances on important issues. I've heard Gerald Neal's name being tossed around as a candidate.

It would be interesting to see who decides to run. It would have been nice to see a second Conway run but I guess we will have to wait. I will be frequently updating the rumor mill linked on the sidebar. If you know of any names not on there that have expressed interest in a run, please let me know. Or if the people listed are no longer interested, please let me know.

Hillel reprints an interview with actor actor Zach Braff. The interview was in JVibe originally.

In baseball news, A-Rod, or should I say Pay-Rod, has won the American League MVP Award.

Now to finish my paper on the late Governor/Senator/Commissioner Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler, Sr...

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