Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An Open Letter to Democratic Bloggers

In response to today's front page entry at Daily Kos, I posted the following as a statement of sorts:

I am a DLC member and I am great friends with the Change for KY coordinator in my state. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Chairman Dean and Democracy for America. Can we please come to a ceasefire on all sides?

Listen, I am not attacking Dean on my blog nor any other Democrat for that matter. It's getting hard for me to defend even Senator Lieberman with his voting record of late.

I don't trash DFA at all. Can we have a truce or something on both sides. When Governor Vilsack posts on Daily Kos as a means of reaching out, doesn't that mean anything at all?

We are getting into the 2006 election season. The buck stops here with the infighting.

Thank you.

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