Friday, November 11, 2005

7th Heaven to end run

Arrested Development has suffered the axe. I watched some when the other AD was cancelled. It just couldn't keep up with 7th Heaven.

Oh crap, that article says that 7th Heaven was ending it's run, too!
The Camdens will bid farewell to viewers in May when the WB Network's top-rated family drama "7th Heaven" ends its run after 10 seasons in what sources said was largely a cost-cutting move.

7th Heaven, whose debut on August 26, 1996, marked the first-ever Monday broadcast of the then-fledging WB Network, will bow out as the longest-running family drama on television.

After 10 seasons, the show is still a top draw for WB, averaging 5.1 million viewers this season to date. Creatively, the show also will go out in style, creator Brenda Hampton said.

"I think this is the best season we've ever had, and we're planning a very exciting and heartwarming conclusion to the series," she said. "On the show, we talk about choosing your feelings, and we chose to feel happy and blessed to have been on the air for so long."

There is talk about a potential 7th Heaven spinoff, but Hampton admits that would be hard to do.

"(7th Heaven) is a family show," she said. "I think the success of the show is that the family is intact with the mom, the dad and the children, so it is a very difficult show to spin off."

Sources indicated that the reasons to take 7th Heaven off the air were primarily financial. As series age, they get more and more expensive, with the price tag especially high for a show with a large cast like 7th Heaven. The cancellation of the long-running series also comes during a process of extensive cost-cutting across all Warner Bros. divisions.
I'm sorry to see it go. It's a great show with family values and one of the few family-friendly dramas.

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