Sunday, November 06, 2005

Busy, Busy Day

I got back a while back and started to sort through email. To those wondering, I was not affected by this morning's tornadoes as those were in western Kentucky, not the northern area.

Is Warren Beatty pondering a run for the governorship of California? I hope he considers it. The same goes for Rob Reiner. I believe California will have a Democrat in the governor's mansion come the 2006 elections.

Seymour, Indiana, native John Mellencamp is a hall of famer if you were to ask me. Let's just hope he is elected this time around and not passed over.

The Stanford Progressive takes a look at the 2008 field.
Another interesting choice is Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, an immensely popular Senator (reelected in 2004 by a 62%-37% margin in a state that Bush carried by twenty points). He, too, is a moderate in a conservative state. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware has made his intentions clear and has carefully built a reputation as serious and a hawk on foreign policy, although he runs the danger as coming off as too similar to Kerry.
While there may be a candidate running against Representative Jon David Reinhardt, I most definitely do not know who is running.
Campbell County Dems-who are doing some loud partisan saber-rattling these days -are saying they have a challenger to take on Sen. Katie Stine, R-Fort Thomas, but that too remains shrouded in mystery. Good grief.

Why so secretive, Dems? Why not put those names out there, building on the momentum that was evident when Sen. Joe Biden, a likely presidential candidate, came to town two weeks ago?

And was someone really passing around a note the evening of Biden's visit, suggesting someone as a possible challenger to Congressman Geoff Davis? You folks are up to something.
I don't know a thing about anyone challenging Congressman Davis.

The Blues, I mean, Bayh brothers turn 10 this week.
Last year's birthday celebration included a rousing game of laser tag for which Nick's game name was "Cheney." And, as Bayh later told the real Dick Cheney, Nick won.
Happy Birthday!

Does Senator Bayh irritate the Republicans? The latest reviews show mixed feelings towards him.
So, would these voters like to see Bayh win the Democratic nomination for president?

"I certainly would be in favor of it, because I think he's more down to earth (than Sen. John Kerry) and does talk with the common people and does work for their benefit," Fechtig said.

But here's where Bayh's advisers may take the most encouragement. Payne, that "hardcore Republican," said: "Party labels aside, someone who's fiscally conservative, strong on defense and moderate is appealing to lots of people."

Including him.
Chris Coleman will most likely defeat St. Paul Mayor Kenny Kelly. Kelly, a Democrat, campaigned for President Bush last year.

PBS will air the Mark Twain Prize for Humor tribute show this Wednesday. Steve Martin recieved it earlier this year. The program was taped last month or in September.

New Jersey's Acting Governor Dick Codey is being heavily recruited for the US Senate seat when Jon Corzine is electd governor of New Jersey.
A source close to Codey, who is intimately aware of the behind-the scenes maneuvering to bring him to Washington, said New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has already talked casually to Codey about moving to the U.S. Senate. Two other Democratic strategists, with ties to the national and state party organizations, say plans have already been made for such Democratic luminaries as former President Clinton to speak with Codey about moving to the Senate as soon as Tuesday's election is over.

"You can count on the calls coming," one strategist said. "Beside President Clinton, he may hear from Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman. How can he say no to them?"

What makes Democrats energized and fearful is the looming Senate candidacy of a Republican with a magical name in New Jersey - Tom Kean Jr.

The 37-year-old state senator from Westfield and son of the former governor and 9/11 commission chairman has already told party activists he plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2006. Secret polling by Democrats indicates that Kean would easily beat every Democratic candidate, except one - Dick Codey.
An email sent out to Tim Kaine for Governor supporters announced the endorsements of SIXTY newspapers.

Boyle County Democrats are having a fish fry.

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