Monday, November 07, 2005

Clinton to OFFICIALLY visit Kentucky!

Press Release from the state party website:
FRANKFORT – Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Lundergan announced, "This morning I received official confirmation from New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that she has accepted our invitation to come to Kentucky. The former First Lady will be the featured speaker at a December 2nd fundraising event in Louisville." Lundergan added, "Senator Clinton’s planned visit is in keeping with the commitments we made upon my becoming chairman earlier this year. We are making it fun to be a Democrat again. Our plans and our intentions are to hold events and to raise funds all across the state. To rebuild and reinvigorate Kentucky Democrats from the local level up. Earlier this year we had Senator John Edwards in Lexington. This summer we hosted Senator Max Cleland here in Frankfort. Last month Senator Joe Biden helped raise money in Northern Kentucky. Plans are being finalized to take national speakers to both Eastern and Western Kentucky as well."

In making the announcement, Lundergan was joined by Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Longmeyer and Democratic consultant Dale Emmons.

"In addition to helping our Party raise money, Senator Clinton’s visit will be a morale builder as well. She is an articulate and respected figure within the ranks of Democrats," Longmeyer stated.

Dale Emmons, a long-time Democratic Party activist, said he senses a renewed spirit of optimism among his Party’s rank and file. "This past weekend at gatherings from Fulton to Pikeville, Democrats were working to prepare for the 2006 elections. Not since we stood on this site in 1973 and broke ground for this building which we stand in today, have I seen this level of determination and optimism," Emmons concluded.
While it will raise a huge amount of money for the party, I am no fan of HRC. I will end my comments at that before I break the self-invoked 11th commandment of party politics.

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