Thursday, November 10, 2005

Give Peter Sullivan a Chance

Right now, it's looking like Peter Sullivan is being ignored by the New Hampshire Democratic Party in the same way that Dr. Chuck Pennacchio is being ignored by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. It's not fair to either one of them. Please consider a donation to Peter Sullivan for Congress.

Hotline on Call believes that Peter Duffy will be the nominee. This one here said that Bob Baines, the outgoing Manchester Mayor was being recruited by the DCCC.

The DCCC is still targeting candidates for G-d only knows what reason. Is it because of this comment at MyDD mentioning Peter Duffy?
Yes, there is a small group of DFAers who have latched onto him, but they are a fringy bunch, without much political savvy or clout. It will be interesting to see how these folks react when they learn that Duffy is tied to a lot of the old Democratic hacks in Manchester. The hacks hate Sullivan because he has fought expanded gambling, has a good environmental record, and has stood up to the old boy network, all of which are big no-nos in their world.

Sullivan is a stronger general election candidate. He is more ideologically in step with the district than Duffy, who is running waaay too far to the left for a suburban, Catholic district; he has better campaign skills than either Duffy or Dodds; and he has an impressive record as a reformer in the NH House.
The DCCC, based on an article on the Rothenberg Political Report seems to imply that the DCCC is still looking even though there are three candidates. It's my opinion that Sullivan would come out strong in a primary showing however the party establishment there does not like him due to his stances on issues.
Now in the Granite State, Cong. Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) and the DCCC are left searching for another candidate to put New Hampshire’s 1st District in play. State Rep. Peter Sullivan (D) and attorney/U.S. Army Reserves officer Pete Duffy (D) are running. And Rye School Board Member Gary Dodds (D) is mentioned. But Baines was the clear target of Democratic recruitment efforts since he represented Manchester (population 107,006), the district’s anchor.

According to one local Democratic insider, state House Democratic Leader Jim Craig (D) of Manchester will likely field the next batch of recruiting phone calls. Steve Marchand (D), elected mayor of Portsmouth almost 24 hours ago, is also mentioned.
The last thing the party needs is a VERY DIVIDED primary.

My opinion is that state party leadership is afraid of Peter Sullivan winning the nomination. Just look at comments here.

Go to Sullivan for Congress and make a contribution.

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