Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taking Back Our Country: Part 2

The first part can be found here. This one has quite a few edits.

It may not be easy. It might not be hard. The Democratic Party will take back our country. This will not be an easy thing. It will not take a day to do it. It might take two or four years, maybe even twenty years. It will get done. We will take our country back.

Yesterday, we started phase 1 of this process by electing Tim Kaine in Virginia and Jon Corzine in New Jersey.

We cannot afford to split into factions right now. It will be a team effort to rebuild the party. Rome was not built in a day and neither was the Democratic party. Unfortunately, we still have factions. Those to the left of me (on many blogs) still hate people affiliated with the DLC. The DSCC and DCCC are targeting certain people for candidates even though others have announced...or they outright refuse to recognize people that have filed for office.

Democrats need to campaign in all fifty states regardless of registration numbers. We need to bring back the conservative Democrats to the party in a general election.

We need to mend the drift and stop attaking our own party members. Go after the Republican party but do not attack those in the Democratic Leadership Council. They give good advice from time to time. We should welcome liberal, moderate, and conservative Democrats as we are the party of the big tent. We should not focus on just one issue, but many.

Yes, there are quite a few Senators that voted for the war resolution. Today, they would have voted differently. We must hold the administration accountable and not attack those fellow Democrats that voted for the war.

We can rebuild our party bring it back to the roots of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. We are the party of Franklin Roosevelt. John Kennedy. Robert Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson. Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton. More importantly, we are the party of the people.

The Republicans of the 1860's would be Democrats in today's age. The GOP cannot take credit for President Abraham Lincoln of Kentucky-Indiana-Illinois. President Lincoln would have been ashamed of Senator Lott's comments about America being better off with segregation.

Hope and help are going to be eventually on the way. We are the progressive of the two parties. We can take back our country, even if it is a gradual bit at a time. With the mistakes of this administration, it will not be hard but it sure will not be easy. We have to tie candidates to Tom Delay, Scooter Libby, Bill Frist and the administration.

Democrats should follow the advice of the late Senator Bobby Kennedy. Hold the base while appealing to those in the center. Nominating a candidate like Senator Evan Bayh does just that. He never forgot his roots and where he came from. A Bayh/Warner ticket would be perfect to keep the base and appeal to the moderate voters.

If this rebuilding takes twenty years, don't be surprised to se me running for office in the future.

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