Friday, November 11, 2005

What's new today

Senator Barbara Boxer's new book has been released. It's called A Time to Run and is available from Chronicle Books and at stores everywhere.

How Chris Carpenter won the Cy Young is a memorable story. Let's not forget that he's the first player in 86 years to go undefeated for 16 consecutive starts.

Can Democrats become self-made millionaires? Yes, it is possible.
Three of the biggest winners in this week's elections -- New Jersey Governor-Elect Jon Corzine, Virginia Governor Mark Warner and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- also are rich and on the liberal side of the political spectrum. Yet they are all self-made men.

A shift in the parties and in the way multimillionaires -- billionaires in the case of Bloomberg -- are made may be changing the ground rules, political analysts say.
An update on the Live 8 DVD's. I still need to get that one. May take til next summer but I will get it.

Tim Longmeyer told it to Darrell Brock.
Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Longmeyer, who also participated in the forum event, told Brock to "cut it out."

"(U.S. Sen. Mitch) McConnell runs the Republican Party," Longmeyer said. "If he wanted you out, you'd be gone."
Well, that's the fact. Mitch does run the party.

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