Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright...

I'd be watching the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner if it were on C-SPAN but it's not so I'm watching The Sandlot, and it's sequel, The Sandlot 2 on ABC Family. It's a Saturday night and the main networks are showing reruns. What happened to the new material? My Saturday nights used to be spent watching CBS. Not anymore. They no longer have original material.

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. May he rest in peace.

Congressman Ben Cardin shares his thoughts on Judge Alito and his pending nomination. The press release is here.

This Week with George Stephanopoulos will feature two Senators: Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel. I've met Senator Biden but I'm not supporting him in the primaries. I will support the nominee in 2008 irregardless.

There will be a lot of shopping for candidates in New Hampshire. Senator Bayh has made two trips.
Since the first of the year, former vice presidential candidate John Edwards has traveled to the state four times, most recently to discuss poverty at a Dartmouth College rally last month. Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh has made two trips; other potential candidates one apiece.

On Saturday, the party's 2004 presidential nominee, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, visits New Hampshire for the second time this year. Kerry will campaign for Democratic candidates, including Manchester Mayor Robert Baines, who faces re-election next week.[...]

Among others who have visited are Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Russell Feingold of Wisconsin, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and retired Gen. Wesley Clark. New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton recently traveled to Maine and Massachusetts for political fundraisers but didn't set foot in New Hampshire.
There are quite a few elections this Tuesday. This email from was sent out on Friday.
Top Ten Jewish Reasons to Vote
10. Allows you give your opinion on something other than how bad the service is at your local kosher restaurant or who you know that should not be dating
9. Good opportunity to use the name Mayor in a particularly corny joke
8. Voting is as much a part of the Jewish American way of life, as is loving Larry David and stalking Natalie Portman
7. Gives you something new to talk about during haftorah
6. All-Star Tribute to Patti Labelle isn't on till 9pm
5. You've told a million jokes about Pols, now you can actually go to one
4. If a true democracy would have been exercised during the times of matan torah, Moses may have been unseated by a leader who really dug cheeseburgers and premarital sex
3. If you aren't opinionated, you might wanna doublecheck your family lineage
2. PDiddy's "Vote or Die" campaign brought back fond memories of Torquemada's "Convert or Die" campaign
1. Finally allows you to be part of a party that isn't exclusively weird balding Jewish singles
Eric Clapton will be touring the United Kingdom in the next year.

I hope it does not have to come to a draft.
For now, the draft remains on permanent hiatus. But the debate over whether it should be unearthed rages on, as do the fears of many young adults across the country.
Neil Young keeps rockin' in the free world. I had the chance to listen to his new CD, Prarie Wind, and it completely rocked. It had more of a country feel to it though.

Will Ferrell has surprised some actors in North Carolina.

Senator Chuck Schumer would prefer that the 2008 Democratic National Convention be in New York City.

Where do the potential 2008 contenders stand on the issue of Iraq? I just want to state that I have no litmus test for 2008.

Evan Bayh - Has not endorsed a specific timetable but believes the troops should be brought home as soon as possible.
Russ Feingold - Supports a time table (12/31/2006)
Tom Daschle - Supports a time able (12/31/2007)
John Kerry - Supports a time table (12/31/2006)
Hillary Rodham Clinton - Against any time table and has been critical of Bush.
John Edwards - Supports a time table but has not established the parameters for one yet.
Mark Warner - Has not endorsed any time table and believes we should finish the job.
Joe Biden - Against any time table.
Bill Richardson - Against any time table.
Tom Vilsack - No idea

Speaking of Senator Tom Daschle, Chris Woods will be liveblogging at Political Forecast. Also liveblogging are Drew Miller, and Gordon Fischer. Now, why can't the Kentucky Democratic Party do something like this?

Speaking of the party, the party will be holding a news conference on Monday, November 7, 2005, to announce the next big speaker.
The Kentucky Democratic Party will conduct a Press Conference at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, November 7. The Press Conference will be in the lobby of the Wendell H. Ford Democratic Headquarters, 190 Democrat Drive, Frankfort, Ky.

We will announce the speaker for the KDP fundraising event planned for December 2 in Louisville, Ky. We will also take questions regarding our preparations for the 2006 elections.

Please note the KDP will be unable to confirm or deny the current speculation as to whom the speaker will be prior to our planned announcement.
I'm pretty much going to stay silent on the next speaker since I'm very critical of that person.

It appears that Dr. Ted has some company from the Stithmeister.

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