Friday, November 04, 2005

Weekend Open Thread

I'm pretty much pissed off today after finding out too late that the funeral was today, and not Sunday.

On top of that, I have no car to get home--and believe me, having no car stinks especially with more crushing news I got today when attempting to cash a check.

Apparently, the bursar office here no longer will cash a UNIVERSITY check. Without having no car to get to the bank to cash a check, I will have after dinner today, no money in my wallet. No way to do laundry--which stinks even worse. They go against their own policy set forth by the university catalog.
In addition, the office provides a check cashing service to all faculty, staff, and students.
If you ask me, this stinks. I had yet to have this problem on campus before and never had the problem at Bradley University.

I can't even write a check for over how much something costs at the bookstore.

It's great knowing that the 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held from August 25-28, 2008. The sad news, however, is the many students wishing to go will have to take off of school. I plan to be there as a delegate, and hopefully with a speaking role.
Democrats will decide where they will hold the convention sometime after the 2006 midterm elections, party spokesman Josh Earnest said. Dean will appoint a committee to consider bids from various cities and come up with a recommendation, Earnest said.

The late-August date will allow the Democratic nominee to raise and spend private money for almost a month longer than in 2004, when Democrats held their convention in late July and formally chose John Kerry as their nominee. Candidates who accept public financing for the general election can no longer raise private contributions once they have received their party's nomination.

The Summer Olympics in Beijing are set to start Aug. 8 and run for about two weeks.
EDIT on 11/9/2005: Got the laundry problem taken care of.

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