Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Still recovering...

I'm still recovering from last night's victories. Apparently, Arnold's propositions got defeated last night. Later on during the afternoon, I will issue part two of Taking Back Our Country.

Senator Lieberman is undecided on Judge Alito after meeting him. I hope he votes against the judge. Alito is by no means a moderate even if he says he will vote based on precedent.

I am still puzzled by what I read in the Hotline on Call about Mayor Bob Baines' loss. When there are three candidates running, why does the DCCC have to be so biased?!? Even the DSCC is doing the same thing in Pennsylvania with Dr. Chuck Pennacchio and State Treasurer Bob Casey.

To Walt Jocketty, while I don't think that you read this, please keep Matt Morris as a pitcher on my favorite team.
Morris, coming off surgery last winter, signed for a base salary of $2.5 million for 2004, but made $6.25 million total after incentives. He has only pitched for the Cardinals, but at 31 and with 101 wins, Morris is one of the most established pitchers available. His agent, Barry Axelrod, views him as in the "top four or five" of the free-agent starters.

He said a half-dozen to 10 teams had called to express interest in the righthander. Five clubs, he gauges, have interest that could bloom into offers. He declined to name teams, but Seattle is a chief pursuer, and reports have Kansas City interested and possibly Baltimore.

"The feel I get from the Cardinals is they have interest in Matt," Axelrod said. "There are a lot of reasons for him to stay there - family considerations, he's been very successful in St. Louis - lots of reasons to stay. The issue for us is will there be a team or two that come in and knock our socks off with an offer? Is it that something we can then talk about with the Cardinals?"
Finally, the words I have been waiting to read for a while!

In some sad news, Second City Toronto TourCo has stopped touring temporarily. This should be temporary until they get the profits figured out again. Second City is an institution in my opinion. I've been to Second City Chicago and almost fell out of the chair laughing.

Is this an omen? Both Indiana and Virginia have not voted for a Democrat for President since 1964! Are you thinking what I am thinking?!? Bayh/Warner 2008! I still will maintain an eye on possible Veeps.
Black said the election could hardly have gone better for Warner as he begins to put together a national campaign. "You can imagine him on the ticket, either as the presidential candidate or the vice president, and Virginia automatically becomes a competitive state," he said. The commonwealth has not supported a Democrat for president since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

Kaine, the lieutenant governor, relied so heavily on Warner's support -- he constantly referred to the "Warner-Kaine administration" even though the two were elected separately four years ago -- that his own accomplishments in the race might tend to be overlooked.

But Kaine, who slipped into office four years ago with the scantest of margins, skillfully blunted Kilgore's attempts to portray him as too liberal for conservative Virginia. Kaine becomes the first candidate since the reinstatement of the death penalty to win the governorship of a Southern state despite his personal opposition, although he has said he will carry out executions.

Kaine defended himself against Kilgore's attack on the subject by saying that it is his beliefs as a deeply religious Catholic that lead him to oppose the death penalty and abortion. But he also said he would follow the law on capital punishment and advocate laws that protect the right to abortion.
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